Farming has changed dramatically over the years and is now operated like a major corporation.

Machinery purchases are now based on equipment durability, quality, productivity, capital cost and operating costs.

The OEMs have stepped up to the challenge on all fronts:

  • High Strength Steels are now being specified in the components to both increase durability and also to decrease material thickness resulting in weight reductions (lower operating costs) and increased durability.
  • More complex (proprietary) steel shapes are being designed, eliminating both the number of components to assemble their machinery and eliminating direct labour operations during the assembly process.
  • Tighter tolerances on components are being required.   This is allowing increased automation in the factory and a higher quality product in the field.
  • New Product Development Cycles are thorough and rigorous.  They involve the supplier base at an early stage to assist in the determination of what is feasible.  Supplier must be able to design and supply tooling that will provide prototype parts which may require changes as the results for field testing are evaluated.
  • More complex production schedules require Just-in-Time delivery of components.

So, we have taken this knowledge, and our long, respected history in the roll forming business and applied that to the creation of agricultural machinery components.

Our components are made from a galvannealed and high strength materials to offer corrosion resistance even after long and tough days in the fields. For example, one part that we create is specifically for the header of a variety of agricultural machines, an area which requires toughness and durability.

While we are always happy to take on custom projects and special orders, Cargowall can also respond to your immediate needs as well. We keep a small inventory of parts on hand at all times in case you have a small rush order that needs to be filled quickly. Our team will be glad to help you with an order of any size from large to small, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out what components we have available.