Cargowall has a variety of signage and fencing products each providing maximum durability, functionality and longevity that you can count on.

Whether your company is seeking custom or standard components, we are ready to deliver.  Contact us today to jumpstart your next project. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we offer:

Two-Piece Assemblies

The design of the Cargowall sign system allows for the bolting of two posts together. This assembly reduces post replacement costs where the sign post and sign remains intact and only the anchor post requires replacing. A typical two-piece assembly would include a 3050 mm (120″) sign post and a 1520 mm (60″) anchor post. In posts where the piercing does not cover the full length of the post, 3 splice holes are included.

Delineators / Mini-Posts

Our delineators / mini-posts are offered in stock with 12 gauge options. However, you can contact us for custom piercing and length options. They are ideal for marking landscaping or construction zones. 

Fence Posts

Cargowall’s heavy duty U-Bar provides maximum flexibility to meet all of your fencing needs; they are the most durable with a non-break structure. Created out of 12-gauge heavy duty steel or ultimate strength hot rolled steel, we can supply fence posts that are meant to be temporary or permanent in 6’, 7’, or 8’ post lengths. You can choose from a hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated finish with a tapered end for quick installation. Our fence posts are compatible with wooden snow fence, wire, mesh, plastic snow fence, or vinyl fence fabric and pairs easily with a variety of industry fittings. Also, we supply caps to provide protection against injuries.

Highway Guardrails

Available in concave or convex, the highway guardrails we can create and supply are offered in straight and curved fits to meet various road conditions. The materials we use are not only high-impact resistant, but also resistant to all different weather conditions. Cargowall offers competitive pricing and makes sure that we meet and exceed guideline standards.