When the job at hand calls for custom roll forming, Cargowall is the obvious choice.

We have over 20 years of experience in supplying our customers with the highest quality roll formed steel products available. Regardless of what shape or size your project requires, give us a call right away to learn more about our services.

Cargowall specializes in roll forming with heavy-gauge material up to ¼’’ thick. Our sweeping technology expertise allows us to introduce camber and bow into components whenever required by the customer. Also, we are able to hold a tight radii even when using a heavy-gauge material. We utilize high strength 80 yield material in order to improve customer products, which leads to both cost savings as well as better performance. When you need to have a custom roll formed product designed and manufactured, you will want to work with an experienced team like the one here at Cargowall to ensure the work is done right the first time.

If it can be done with roll forming, there is a good chance that we can do it. A partial list of our roll forming capabilities includes the following –

  • Continuous Feed Roll Forming
  • Pre-Pierce and Post-Pierce
  • Sweeping Technology
  • 12 Forming Lines, Up to 20 Passes Each
  • Flexible Tooling
  • Complex Profiles
  • And More!

We can use inline processes such as pre-punch, post-punch, notching, and variable thickness, in order to arrive at a finished product that meets with your specifications. Our number one concern is always the needs of our valued clients, and we will work hard to ensure that the product you are delivered is exactly what you expected.

With just a 2,000 foot minimum order, we are happy to take on both low volume and high volume projects. Additionally, we offer emergency services when you absolutely have to have a product ready within a short turnaround window. To learn more about everything that Cargowall has to offer, please contact us today!