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Repairing the Nation’s Infrastructure – Roll Forming to the Rescue

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Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) produces a report card to grade different aspects of the nation’s infrastructure. With a few exceptions in the most recent report card, ASCE handed out C’s and D’s across the board, calling for the U.S. to make massive investments in all essential infrastructures from bridges […]

Roll Forming for the Transportation Industry

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Transportation manufacturers of vehicles such as tractor trailers, trains, and school buses often face the challenge of needing large format components that are difficult to source. These parts must be able to support a great amount of wear, tear, and weight. To reconcile the heavy-duty machining required for these parts with cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround, […]


Roll Forming Mounting Solutions in the Solar Industry

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The solar industry has seen steady growth throughout 2015 with the continued expansion of  solar panel installation, adding to the increase in cumulative solar electric capacity worldwide. With technological advances in the industry, costs continue to drop— making solar energy a more viable source for alternative energy. As demand increases for solar panels, so too […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Sending a Design to a Roll Former

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Until you’ve actually sent a piece of material through a roll former it can be difficult to grasp how the process works. Even a single 90° bend has calculations and considerations that must be taken into account for the end result to be to spec, and those issues are compounded as you add subsequent formations […]