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Roll Forming Mounting Solutions in the Solar Industry

The solar industry has seen steady growth throughout 2015 with the continued expansion of  solar panel installation, adding to the increase in cumulative solar electric capacity worldwide. With technological advances in the industry, costs continue to drop— making solar energy a more viable source for alternative energy. As demand increases for solar panels, so too does the demand for the necessary supporting equipment.

Ground Mount Systems

Although not as common as Rooftop Solar panels, Ground-Mounted solar systems provide many important benefits:

  • Installation Size- not limited to the area size of a rooftop, ground mounted systems can be installed on whatever land you have available.
  • Orientation- by facing your solar panels South, you can optimize energy generation.
  • Shading- these systems can be placed in the sunniest regions of the property to avoid areas with heavy shade.

solarAs solar prices become more competitive, innovation solutions are required in the design and manufacturing of systems as developers identify new sites for solar parks. Some of these sites include:

  • Proximity to Oceans- the choice of material is important to withstand the impact of the salt on the racking components. Developers in this region are usually seeking materials that will last upwards of 25 years.
  • Rough and Hilly Terrain- The design and installation of the racks must incorporate the necessary features and components to maintain the orientation of the solar panels to the sun. The racks must be easily configurable to allow for the many different grades on one particular site.

The reduction of installation time and cost is also critical to developers. Cargowall’s racking structure eliminates the need for fieldwork by providing the subassembly of components in the factory, and also allows the subassemblies to be packed efficiently, reducing freight costs.


The Cargowall Solution

The experts at Cargowall are happy to evaluate your solar panel setup to ensure that they remain safe and secure through the entire installation process. Speaking to our past success, we recently developed a 1.7 megawatt park in Asia with specialized ground anchors that allowed solar racks to work safely and efficiently on steep slopes. Here, Cargowall was able to ensure both safety and success.

Cargowall can assist you with your solar panel mount options by creating specialized anchors and frameworks that only a professional can install or remove—reducing the risk of theft.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in meeting your ground mount solar requirements and project needs.

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