At Cargowall Ltd., we stand by our reputation of excellence and dependability.

As a trusted manufacturer, we are capable of roll forming any profile for the transportation industry. We specialize in producing solutions for tractor-trailer vehicles, and also supply components for small body trailers.

Our Commitment to Transportation

The transportation industry is very important to us; it is where we got our start.  We consider Canada’s biggest tractor trailer manufacturers to be our biggest customers.  We bring 20+ years of expertise and products to new customers in this industry.

What We Offer:

  • Galvanized steel products
  • Space saving profiles
  • Specialty tractor-trailer components
  • Aluminum fabrication
  • Competitive, cost saving pricing
  • Small quantity runs
  • Quick time response and delivery
  • Friendly customer service

Our equipment capabilities allow us to offer customized length, height and width options to meet your product specifications.

Cargo Logistics

Maintain complete control of your cargo with Cargowall’s exclusively designed and manufactured logistic tracks.  Our tracks make commuting a breeze by increasing the lifespan of products and ensuring stability.

How it Works

Contact us now to request any length up to 58 feet. We cut installation time and costs dramatically. By using your desired length, unnecessary welding is also eliminated. Let us provide your fleet with the best custom care that is available on the market.

Custom Length Tracks Available in These Styles:

  • Combo track
  • Winch track
  • A-track
  • Vertical A-track
  • L-track
  • F-track
  • E-track
  • Vertical E-track

Why wait? Now is the perfect time to get started creating a transportation solution that is right for your company. Contact us for more details.